PTCA Balloon Catheter

Product design and patented manufacturing technology for balloon angioplasty.
Useable PTCA Catheter Length: 142cm
Guide wire Compatible : 0.014"
Nominal Pressure: 6 ATM
Rated Burst Pressure:16 ATM
Mean Burst Pressure :21
PTCA Balloon Catheter
♦Small tip profile improves catheter crossability.Atraumatic soft tempered tip.
♦Reliable transition design between hub & proximal shaft for strengthening the pushability & torque transfer.
♦Excellent lubricious coating to ensure pass in tortuous lesions .
♦Accurate sizing under inflated pressure.
Balloon       Diameter(mm) Balloon Length(mm)
10 12 15 20 25 30
1.5 DK-PTCA-1.5-10 DK-PTCA-1.5-12 DK-PTCA-1.5-15 DK-PTCA-1.5-20 DK-PTCA-1.5-25 DK-PTCA-1.5-30
2.0  DK-PTCA-2.0-10 DK-PTCA-2.0-12 DK-PTCA-2.0-15 DK-PTCA-2.0-20 DK-PTCA-2.0-25 DK-PTCA-2.0-30
2.5  DK-PTCA-2.5-10 DK-PTCA-2.5-12 DK-PTCA-2.5-15 DK-PTCA-2.5-20 DK-PTCA-2.5-25 DK-PTCA-2.5-30
2.75  DK-PTCA-2.75-10 DK-PTCA-2.75-12 DK-PTCA-2.75-15 DK-PTCA-2.75-20 DK-PTCA-2.75-25 DK-PTCA-2.75-30
3.0  DK-PTCA-3.0-10 DK-PTCA-3.0-12 DK-PTCA-3.0-15 DK-PTCA-3.0-20 DK-PTCA-3.0-25 DK-PTCA-3.0-30
3.5  DK-PTCA-3.5-10 DK-PTCA-3.5-12 DK-PTCA-3.5-15 DK-PTCA-3.5-20 DK-PTCA-3.5-25 DK-PTCA-3.5-30
4.0  DK-PTCA-4.0-10 DK-PTCA-4.0-12 DK-PTCA-4.0-15 DK-PTCA-4.0-20 DK-PTCA-4.0-25 DK-PTCA-4.0-30