Peel-away Introducer Sheath

Specification: 5F, 5.5F, 6.0F, 6.5F, 7.0F, 8.0F,9.0F etc.
Material: FEP, PE
1. Long and precision-tapered form fit for smooth guidewire/dilator transition and dilator/sheath transition.
2. Extruded scoreline peel-away sheath allows for clean, even pee
♦PE shealth with a smooth carved fine line to enable a easy and smooth peel away.
♦Patented locking hub designed to prevent dilator from pushing back.Easy to lock and unlock
Part Number French Size Tube size Min Tip ID
PASI-050-1 5.0F 0.090"(2.29mm) 0.064"(1.63mm)
PASI-055-1 5.5F 0.097"(2.46mm) 0.071"(1.80mm)
PASI-060-1 6.0F 0.103"(2.62mm) 0.077"(1.96mm)
PASI-065-1 6.5F 0.110"(2.79mm) 0.084"(2.13mm)
PASI-070-1 7.0F 0.118"(3.00mm) 0.090"(2.29mm)
PASI-080-1 8.0F 0.131"(3.33mm) 0.105"(2.67mm)
PASI-090-1 9.0F 0.144"(3.66mm) 0.118"(3.00mm)
PASI-100-1 10F 0.159"(4.04mm) 0.131"(3.33mm)
PASI-110-1 11F 0.172"(4.37mm) 0.144"(3.66mm)
PASI-120-1 12F 0.185"(4.70mm) 0.157"(3.99mm)
PASI-130-1 13F 0.200"(5.08mm) 0.170"(4.32mm)
PASI-140-1 14F 0.214"(5.44mm) 0.184"(4.67mm)
PASI-150-1 15F 0.227"(5.77mm) 0.196"(4.98mm)
PASI-160-1 16F 0.240"(6.10mm) 0.209"(5.33mm)