Sterile Urinary/Urethral Catheter

Material :PVC
French Size:6F, 8F, 10F, 12F, 16F,18F, 20F.
Certificate :CE.
Gender :Unisex
Style:Straight tip/soft
Sterility: Sterile
Usage: Disposable
User: Adults/Children
Straight tip and smooth surface for easy insertion.
♦.Lubricious Hydrophilic coating provides virtually friction-free insertion and removal,protect sensitive urethral mucosa.
♦. The antibacterial function,maximally eliminating the risk for a urinary tract infections.

Part No. Application French Size  OD±0.33MM Length ±5%
NCM0640 Male 6F 0.079"(2.0mm) 1.575"(40.00mm)
NCM0840 Male 8F 0.106"(2.70mm) 1.575"(40.00"mm)
NCM1040 Male 10F 0.130"(3.30"mm) 1.575"(40.00"mm)
NCM1240 Male 12F 0.157"(4.00mm) 1.575"(40.00"mm)
NCF06181 Female 6F 0.079"(2.00mm) 0.709"(18.00mm)
NCF08181 Female 8F 0.106"(2.70mm) 0.709"(18.00mm)
NCF10181 Female 10F 0.130"(3.30"mm) 0.709"(18.00mm)
NCF12181 Female 12F 0.157"(4.00mm) 0.709"(18.00mm)
NCF14181 Female 14F 0.185"(4.70mm) 0.709"(18.00mm)
NCC0618 Child 6F 0.079"(2.00mm) 0.709"(18.00mm)
NCC0818 Child 8F 0.106"(2.70mm) 0.709"(18.00mm)
NCC1018 Child 10F 0.130"(3.30"mm) 0.709"(18.00mm)
NCC1218 Child 12F 0.157"(4.00mm) 0.709"(18.00mm)