CE High Pressure Braided Tube High Pressure Monitoring Line

Specification: 3.65*1.8mm/ 4.8*2.4mm
Connector:Fix /Rotating PC connector
Material: PU+Nylon braid
Certificate : CE Marks.
♦Soft polyurethane material wtih Nylon braid, good softness and transparency.
♦Stand high pressure up to 1200PSI (83Bar).
♦Rotating male luer lock allows 360 degree manipulation without tangling of the tubing lines.
♦Rotating connector has silicone gaskets and minimizes the possibility of trapping air in the line.

0.070"ID* 0.142"OD(1.8*3.65mm) PU material, Nylon Braid,PC connector
Part No. Male connector  Length  Pressure
PMP-142-10 Rotating  10"(254mm) 1200psi
PMP-142-20 Rotating  20"(508mm) 1200psi
PMP-142-40 Rotating  40"(1016mm) 1200psi
PMP-142-43 Rotating  43"(1092mm) 1200psi
PMP-142-48 Rotating  48"(1219mm) 1200psi
PMP-142-59 Rotating  59"(1498mm) 1200psi
PMP-142-78 Rotating  78"(1980mm) 1200psi
0.088"ID*0.188"OD(2.4mm*4.8mm)PU material, Nylon Braid,PC connector
Part No. Male connector Length  Pressure
PMP-188-10 Rotating  10"(254mm) 1200psi
PMP-188-20 Rotating  20"(508mm) 1200psi
PMP-188-40 Rotating  40"(1016mm) 1200psi
PMP-188-43 Rotating  43"(1092mm) 1200psi
PMP-188-48 Rotating  48"(1219mm) 1200psi
PMP-188-59 Rotating  59"(1498mm) 1200psi
PMP-188-78 Rotating  78"(1980mm) 1200psi